A bit about Madrahar

So it’s Tuesday and here’s something completely new.  While you are waiting for the third Blackfeather book, I thought we should introduce you to Madrahar, another world we made and have projects in.

Madrahar was created as an original RPG setting, and we’ve played three systems within it, then plotted some novels and a graphic novel, all expanding and building the setting and characters into something richer.  Madrahar is more cinematic, more brightly colored and flashier than the world Shandor is set in.  Madrahar has schools of magic, feathered dragons, incarnate servants of ancestor deities, mysterious sea shades, and the ruins of a more technologically advanced civilization.  There are strange animals, miles of wilderness, a city that rose from the sea like some reverse Atlantis, and lots of characters and stories all larger than life, including some who refuse to be perfectly appropriate for all audiences.  Kai and Terrik, I’m looking at you.

I hope you like the glimpses we’ve given, and if you want more, just ask.  🙂

Up for next week: More about the world of Shandor, and some of the history behind that rather peculiar country.  You may see a Sheridan or two.

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