Cats. Oh why.

I hope to have a new chapter ½ up soon, but right now I have a cat, Mr. Kai, in emergency surgery and overnight observation, and it looks to be touch and go with him for the next 24 hours.  I’ve had to make a  lot of unfamiliar, expensive and scary decisions today.  All that has thrown my schedule off severely. I am having the worst year for cats. For those who have been asking, Nuncie is still missing. As for Mr. Kai, an infection gave way to complications and a blockage that nearly led to kidney failure, and still might. The poor little guy is only three years old, so we did not see this coming. His sister Harana is fine and claws up my legs until I play fetch with her.  And that’s the cat health update, sorry. Story update soon, I swear. Also that paperback people have been waiting for.

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