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Know what’s embarassing?  Mis-naming a chapter.  I am changing the name of Chapter 7, Landfall, as Landfall does not occur until Chapter 8.


So the Chapter formerly known as Landfall is now Chapter 7—The Queen’s Freaks, and Chapter 8, . . .  may or may not be named “Landfall.”  Incidentally “The Queen’s Freaks” was the original Chapter 7 title, which now I clearly should have kept.

You may suspect at this point that I may be working without a buffer any longer. Ha! I say to you. HAhHAHAHahahahAHAhAHHahahAAaaaaaa.  Yeah. You’re right.  You’re totally right.

But we both want to know what happens next, so I’ll be writing as fast and as well as I can so that there aren’t any awful cliff hanging delays to the story.


I had a little vinyl  LP storybook set of Peter Pan when I was very small that contained the line “It’s not terrible, it’s a great adventure!”  I am afraid that Djaren and I live by something very like that credo.  But fear not, if I fall behind, Kara will break my shins.  Also, Jon will look sad.  This must not happen.

This weeks installment will arrive on time and will most likely have a lovely color illustration.  Which I should probably go start drawing right now.  Hah!

I should probably mention too that there will be new pages here soon, including a gallery of fan art and trades and commisions.  If you happen to have drawn anyone from the stories, feel free to send in pictures and I’ll add them to the gallery as soon as its ready.

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