Bwa ha hAAA!

So despite the website server getting hacked (what did I ever do to you, Bangledeshi  hackers?) and my laptop dying, and having a generally difficult week, the most recent chapter is up! Woo! And the second half is ready too, for next week, so even though I’ll be away at Anime Weekend Atlanta next weekend (come say hi!) that week’s installment will be on time too. Maybe I’ll even build my buffer back a little. Madness. I’m also working on the cover for Germhacht, and am planning a kickstarter campaign to help defray publishing costs. Are there any particular Kickstarter rewards you would like to see offered? Want to have a chance to name a character, or even create one? Just want books? Custom art? An original? T-shirts? Now is the time to suggest stuff you’ve always wanted. So go read the chapter half below and think it over. I’ll be over here painting.

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