Go to All the Conventions?

So in addition to Anime next next weekend, I’ll be back in Oklahoma for Soonercon in Oklahoma City the weekend of June 15-17. I’ll have an artist’s alley table, wherever they keep those, and have books available.

Today I packed up the van for Collosalcon and AnimeNext, and I’ll be driving starting very early tomorrow, arriving in Ohio on Wednesday and New Jersey on Thursday. If you order a book online in the next few days therefore, your shipping might take a day or two extra to get to you. I’ll be driving Monday through Wednesday on the way back, so any updates in the next week or so will be minor miracles, entirely dependent on finding an internet connection and having something coherent to share.

Here are five fictional facts to give you while you wait:

Shandor’s first King was named Tam. It has been a popular name since, rivaled only by other such standbys as Willim and Jaimrie

Levour will host the next World’s Spectacle, inviting all other nations to the palatial fairgrounds, where people of all nations will be able to be impressed by one another’s technology, engineering, and deep fried foods. This will be Shandor’s first appearance at a World’s Spectacle.

Many Shandorian surnames begin with “Dar”. This is because it is the old K’shay tanna patronymic. In the old days, Djaren would have been Djaren dar Corin, and if he used that at home in Shandor it wouldn’t be too unusual. K’shay tanna who felt like being more pretentious could list the names of several ancestors to call back to some famous hero (Markaerd dar Xahrenth daer Kaerad dar etc, . . .)  “Daer” means daughter of, as “Dar” means son of.

Djaren’s first foreign language, after Trade Common and K’shay tanna was Sarvarthi. It was the language his parents used when they didn’t want him overhearing. That didn’t last long.

Corin’s unique and peculiar black sword has a name. It’s Myrshon. He is not its first wielder.

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  1. You won’t have to worry about jet-lag, but there’s still van-lag! Be careful on those mean streets.

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