Pronunciation Guide

Here is a handy pronunciation guide. It will grow.

Let me know if there are any other names that should be added to this.

Amryn /AHM-rin/

Aruke /AH-roo-kay/

Arien /AH-ree-en/

Bulo /BOO-loh/

Balauo /ba-LOW/

Djaren /Like Jaren, but with the Russian/Ukrainian/Shandorian “Djha” sound/

Eabrey /Æ-bree/

Eljiah /el-ZHEYE-ah/

Ellea /EL-ee-uh/

Germhacht /GHAIRM-hahkht/ pronounced like a polite cough, with soft ahs and far too many h’s

Hirnar /HEER-nahr/

Isakoa /is-ah-KOH-ah/

Kara /KAHR-ah/

K’Shay tanna /KAY-sheh-tahn-ah/

Kalani /kuh-LAH-nee/

Levour /le-VOOR/

Merigvon /MAIR-eh-vahn/

Pao’ulu /pow-OO-loo/

Rades /RAH-dez/

Vashiel /VAH-shee-el/

Verescinthe /VAIR-es-sinth/

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