Convention time again

I’m at Tokyo in Tulsa this weekend! If you’re in the area, stop on by! I’ll be at The Five Wits booth.

And next weekend I will be at Otakon in Baltimore, MD. Its a huge exciting madhouse, but I’ll be findable, once again, at The Five Wits booth in the exhibitor hall.

This will very likely mean a delay in posting chapters, as I’ll be on my feet and on the road for the next week and a half. I’ll try to report in with at least some entertaining tidbits.

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  1. GlennnnNo Gravatar says:

    Watch out on those mean streets. Remember that unless you juggle knives,chainsaws and large flaming objects, just driving a vehicle from point A to point B is about the most hazardous thing you can do. I certainly hope that your driving-style keeps you focused, aware and in control at all times. Entertaining Tidbits are Gooooood !

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