Germhacht Cover Art

Here’s the art for the cover of The Germhacht episode! I’m meeting with my editor and layout team tomorrow and I should have word soon on a publishing date. I’ll be making a gallery of originals for my kickstarter backers to choose from soon.

There’s no new chapter half yet, as you will have noticed. I appear to have the cold that never ends. However, as from here through halfway through December I have no more conventions to attend, trains to catch or airports to sleep in, my health will probably improve. I’ll be sleeping regularly again, which will no doubt help things. In related news, thanks to everybody who stopped by my table at AnimeUSA! It was lovely to meet you.

We’re approaching the end of the Tembeleka Voyage, and I want to make sure I get it all right, without rushing things and spoiling them. I hope to have an update for you later in the week.  Maybe I can arrange a happy Thanksgiving surprise.

Sorry to make you all wait. I hope I can make it all worth it when it comes.

2 thoughts on “Germhacht Cover Art

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