Welcome to the new World of Shandor

We’ve spent several weeks working on this site update, which has all the stories and characters you’ve come to know and love, and room for more.  It should be easier to navigate, friendlier for comments, and just all-around better.

Look around and you’ll find a few empty spots just waiting for things to fill them.  Don’t worry, we have plenty of ideas, and stuff waiting in the wings.

You’ll also note that Jessica is now a part of this site, as well she ought to be.  Those of you who’ve met us in person will undoubtedly have noticed that we’re inseparable.  Although Ruth has been the primary author of the Blackfeather Chronicles, Jessica has diligently edited every chapter and also drafted a lot of Anna’s point of view.  We always work as a team, so you’ll be seeing more of Jessica around the place.

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