Caution, this timeline contains spoilers for books 1-3.

The Shandorian calendar begins with the date of Shandor’s founding. This, coincidentally, was the same year as the founding of the United Kingdoms of Arien, upon which common time is based.  Shandor has a different new year than the former Arienish states, but otherwise shares most measures of time and season with the rest of the continent.  For ease of correlating Shandorian years to our own world’s, just add 1000 years.  Shandor’s 828 looks very like our 1828 in terms of technology, and, to an extent, fashions.

0 Shandor is founded as a country

682 Corin hatches

697 Eabrey is found, a monster is discovered, Corin learns of his gifts, and the Seal is forged and set guarding

698 Revolution in the Arienish Empire

728 Verescinthe DeAngelli and many others die in the plague

730 Shandorian University founded

736 Eabrey gets his first degree

803 Coronation of Queen Merna of Shandor

804 Corin and Hellin fight a monster, steal and/or rescue something, and first use the name Blackfeather

805 Djaren is born

810 Tam and Anna and Ellea are born

813 Doctor Ash flees Shandorian justice, and escapes abroad

814 Jon is born

823 The events of The Alarna Affair

824 The events of The Germhacht Episode

825 The events of The Tembelaka Voyage

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    1. Yes, he’s just a wee babby. Not remotely as old as others with similiar, uh, genetics. Putting certain other birthdays in there would mean entering a much longer set of years on the other side of the founding. Which will probably happen eventually.

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