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Small delay

Cold medicine has interesting side effects on me. None of them involve producing coherently written or well edited text. Who knew. This too will pass. In the mean time, have another picture by the amazing Asher Dumonchelle:

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Happy Tuesday everybody! Here’s what’s coming up in the next few weeks! The as-yet untitled World’s Fair book will begin posting, as well as belated illustrations for The Tembelaka Voyage, an updated World map, and some other extras, like additions … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We’re on a week break from the story, but Jessica will have the next installment ready next week. Enjoy your holidays, and look forward to more chapters and more stories in the new year.  If I can get any good … Continue reading

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A new story starts right now!

So there’s the end to The Cambriol Riddle, which was supposed to be a short story between two books. Hmm. Jessica will be posting part 1 of something much more short-story-like tonight.  She’ll start us off back in Shandor with … Continue reading

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Update coming later today

The new chapter will be up later today! Anyone going to Youmacon in Detroit this weekend, come say hi to Ruth at The Five Wits booth at the Cobo Center!

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New York Comic Con

Hello all!  We interrupt your regularly scheduled chapters to invite you to come by and see Ruth at New York Comic Con in booth 3074, with The Five Wits and Cactus Mafia. No chapter this week and probably next on … Continue reading

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Gencon was awesome and amazing and full of good things and great people and I am now totally exhausted. I’ll see how fast I can pull that back together and get you the next chapter half, and also some things … Continue reading

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Convention time again

I’m at Tokyo in Tulsa this weekend! If you’re in the area, stop on by! I’ll be at The Five Wits booth. And next weekend I will be at Otakon in Baltimore, MD. Its a huge exciting madhouse, but I’ll … Continue reading

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Surprise Story!

So with all the craziness of conventions, (Coming to Anime Expo this weekend? Why so am I. Find me at The Five Wits booths, 441 and 443) I haven’t had the time or energy to update as I wish I … Continue reading

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Soonercon Coda

I was at Soonercon this past weekend, and got to meet some great people and buy a lot of pottery in the art show. 🙂 Thank you very much to everyone who came by and bought a book! Now I … Continue reading

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