Surprise Story!

So with all the craziness of conventions, (Coming to Anime Expo this weekend? Why so am I. Find me at The Five Wits booths, 441 and 443) I haven’t had the time or energy to update as I wish I could. I had planned to place Book Four after a one year time skip, and write several short stories about the intervening year. Those stories were to have been part of kickstarter rewards to fund getting The Tembelaka Voyage printed. So I was originally going to write a novel and two to three short stories in a very busy two months of conventions while doing a water color illustration a week of catch up work. Evidently I thought I was Djaren with a side of Anna.

So here is the revised plan. Since one of the short stories is threatening novella-hood, I’m just going to start posting it starting tomorrow. I may pull the short stories later to bind up into backer rewards for some future kickstarter, but for now, what keeps me on track with my writing is knowing that people are waiting on my stories and expect to know what comes next. So get ready for The Cambriol Riddle, posting tomorrow.

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