The Dreaded Hiatus

Okay, after six conventions in a row and with the everybody in the house down sick, with three more conventions in the next three weeks, I’m going to need a short break.

There will be more chapters soon.  I won’t stop writing, and hopefully the weekly schedule will resume in a week or two.  I’m aiming for sooner rather than later.  Ultimately though, there will be no chapter half this week.  Even if I can’t have the chapter I want up next week, there will be something here to help make the visit worthwhile.  For this week, here is the art collage that I made the Corin screen print hoodies from.

2 thoughts on “The Dreaded Hiatus

    1. Sorry! At least I didn’t leave off with two characters shot, and with uncertain prospects for survival. 😉 That would really have made me terrible. I’ll try not to let the break be too long, promise!

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