This weeks chapter will be late, but it will exist.

I’m going to see how soon I can get this poor belated week’s chapter up.  We’re still half in boxes, but I can see some floor now.  I also picked up a really good reference book at a local bookshop that’s helping me push through on an upcoming villain. So that’s good work coming along. I will do my best to get the writing I need done and edited fast, hopefully by tomorrow night, but certainly by weeks end.  No word yet on the cat front, but I am calling the hotel and shelter daily, so they may go above and beyond just to stop hearing from me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “This weeks chapter will be late, but it will exist.

  1. Getting to the floor sounds like a monumental effort, all things considered. More concerned now about your furry friend. Cats are great survivors, but it would be nice if she could call or write !

  2. I’m holding a softcover copy of The Alarna Affair as we speak, 🙂

    I saw several issues at the wig shop at Ramen Convention in Merrilville, IN today and bought it.

    I am already into the first chapter and will read more. I also have a cute little packet of bookmarks, yay 🙂 I myself am a self-publishing web comic person, or rather, I have one graphic novel online and plan to expand my website to include more, and my writing as well. I admire your tenacity in getting yourselves and your writing and art out there, I know how daunting and difficult it is, and I myself always wanted the motivation to “get my name out there” but never managed to muster the courage. So I salute you 🙂

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