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Madrahar is a high fantasy setting full of mages, monsters, shamans and fairy tales that do not merely rely on western influences. On the ruins of a world torn apart and then subsequently mashed back together with a shredded spirit world after a great war, the survivors of the world’s once great civilizations have begun to rebuild, and to move past or repeat the mistakes of their ancestors.
Conceived originally as a gaming setting, the world has grown and changed substantially in its adaptation from system to system, and from game to novel to potentially graphic novels. Concept art will be posted under this tab from time to time, but what final published form stories, games and graphic novels set in this world will take is still undecided. There’s a drafted text novel and three chapters of graphic novel storyboards that are in progress.

Sketch Dump

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So I’ve been trying to plow through an art block lately by drawing up some of the PCs and NPCs from an RPG Jess, Birdy and I are in. So here’s some people from Pre-Apocalyptic Madraharan society.

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A bit about Madrahar

So it’s Tuesday and here’s something completely new.  While you are waiting for the third Blackfeather book, I thought we should introduce you to Madrahar, another world we made and have projects in. Madrahar was created as an original RPG … Continue reading

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Madrahar Map

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People of Madrahar

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Tiiro shrugged. “I didn’t care for fishing. I liked the port at Shiahan. There was a tea shop, and then there was the mage school. I had some money in my pocket that day, so I enrolled. It’s easier to … Continue reading

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Coming Soon!

Information about the world of Madrahar will start appearing here on October 26.  Check back then!

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