Seven Days

I have just seven days left to raise what I need to print Book Two, The Germhacht Episode, in paperback, and right now we’re still a long way from our goal. If you love last minute rescues and pulse pounding finales, this is looking to be one.  If you like the stories and have even $5 and an Amazon account (free to get one!) please consider donating. There are lots of nifty extras. Also, I posted the Blooper Reel from the kickstarter video shoot under backer updates, so go check that out! Here’s the Kickstater page.  The way kickstarter works is, if the funding goal is not met, no payments go through. It’s an all or nothing proposal, and all the money, if raised will be used to cover the kickstarter  and amazon fees (approx. 10% of the funding total) and the cost of the print run (the other 90%).

To make things more fun, I’m also posting extras and taking questions about characters, stories and process over on my tumblr page for the whole week.

I want to keep the stories coming, and keep them free. Now is a great time to help me make that possible, and also the only way yet to get your hands on a paperback of The Germhacht Episode.

Please consider becoming a backer!

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