The Kickstarter is funded! Book 2 is going to print!

Thanks to some truly amazing generosity, Book 2, The Germhacht Episode, is officially going to print! There are still two days left on the kickstarter, and extra funds put into that are far from meaningless. Should the miraculous double funding occur, there shall be audiobooks, and even if that goal doesn’t remotely occur, having the funds for shipping rewards to backers, covering proof correction fees and shipping costs on getting the books in is really great.

Thank you so much to everybody who has helped make this possible! I am more grateful than I can express to all of you. Look for updates on incoming rewards in the next two weeks. PDFs and info on available originals should be coming out as soon as I’ve recovered from glee and having just driven home 17 hours from Detroit back to Oklahoma. For now, enjoy this weeks chapter, posted below!

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