Good News and Blegh News

The Germhacht episode is now fully edited and good to go to the layout guy. Two weeks after that it should head to the printers! Thank you so so much to everyone who backed the project! I hope to get rewards in the works as fast as I can.

The Blegh news is that I came down really sick upon returning from Youmacon and instead of getting better over the last few days, I’ve gotten worse. I am a bleary cold-medicated mess incapable of driving, picking out groceries or typing sentences out correctly without a lot of work.  There will not be a chapter installment tomorrow, because in my state, what I am producing could make you feel as disoriented and confused as I am.

I wish I had the Blackfeather family disease resistance about now. Blurgh.

2 thoughts on “Good News and Blegh News

  1. -A suspicious connection between travelling somewhere distant and meeting thousands of people who cough and sneeze and insist on touching everything to spread their germies ! ! !
    Get better soon !

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