Balticon Coda

Balticon was amazing and great fun and I just got back at 3am last night, so today’s update will be postponed to a day later in the week.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by at Balticon and bought me out of all but 2 copies of the books I brought with me! I met so many kind generous and brilliant people, and got to catch up with some of my already good friends.  I had a really lovely time.

Special thanks to J.R. Blackwell and Jared Axelrod who apart from being exciting and generally fabulous people, made sure I got to the airport on time.

Thanks to Phil Kahn and Rob Balder, who are always a lot of fun to hang out and talk with, and have been for many good and geeky years. I love seeing great people’s careers grow and change, while they remain awesome. Thanks for being as lovely and even more awesome than you were in the days of Ubercon and Slugweens.

Thanks to the DC anime club, for the commission work and for promoting artists.

Thanks to Olivia and her family for being one of the coolest non-fictional adventuring families I have met, and thanks to the people who bought books and then came back to tell me they were already half way through. You remind me I should be writing right now. Which I shall go do.

If I can stand to look at the sketches I made on the plane trip home, I may post them later in the week. I also plan to post a list of art reference links and art book reccs from the presentation I did at Balticon entitled ‘How to Draw What Doesn’t Exist”.

If you want a book I was sold out of, and would rather attend another fun convention than pay shipping, I will be at AnimeNext in Somerset New Jersey on June 7-10, with a replenished book and print supply.

That was an amazing weekend. Thank you Balticon.

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  1. I’m glad you were at Balticon with your bookmarks 🙂 Stealing the Kara bookmark out from under my friends nose was one of the best things I did at the con, cause it let me read this amazing series 😀 Looking forward to more stories of Kara and the Blackfeathers 🙂

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