Character studies

Here are a couple of sketches I did on the plane coming home from Baltimore. I’ve been trying to work out what Rades and Tallis look like. Their designs may change a little later, but I like where they’re going.

2 thoughts on “Character studies

  1. Rades is supposed to have a rather scary appearance from his description in the story. Heavy, elongated jaw-bones and fangs, larger feline eyes and extra facial hair, almost fur. Your drawing is not the person I imagined ! His face should make other people nervous. These 2 characters are both somewhat shady, and not quite of this world- perhaps they could have darker complexions and something sinister about them that it takes a while to get used to.
    Their expressions are excellent and say a lot, but these characters should look “different.”
    Also, for maximum impact you could show only a portion of Rades’ face, like he has it only partially uncovered and he is peering through the wrappings. He’s scary !

    1. I agree, Rades shouldn’t look that human. Tallis should be very pale, though, with very dark crcles about his eyes and skin tight to his skull. More reasons why I should be trying out new ways of drawing them more.

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