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Pronunciation Guide

Here is a handy pronunciation guide. It will grow. Let me know if there are any other names that should be added to this. Amryn /AHM-rin/ Aruke /AH-roo-kay/ Arien /AH-ree-en/ Bulo /BOO-loh/ Balauo /ba-LOW/ Djaren /Like Jaren, but with the … Continue reading

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Writing is so much easier than drawing.  There I said it.  Maybe it’s not that way for everyone, I don’t know.  But it’s much harder for me to translate what I see in my mind to the page in a … Continue reading

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Castle and Country

David led his horse up the mountain pass, the jagged peaks of the Shandorian border towering high above him, tinged with gold in the morning light.  The path had finally grown too steep for riding, and the air was thin … Continue reading

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Shandor, Year 676, David Lindmer

David trudged back from University through the narrow streets and alleyways of the Dockside Quarter of Logansburg, capital city of Arien.  His scholar’s robe was carefully rolled and stowed in his pack, and he always changed from his good blue … Continue reading

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Shandor, Year 676, Gavin Sheridan

At first sight, the man in the tree might have been mistaken for a scarecrow.  Gavin Sheridan was the tallest man in Greendale and possessed the sort of body the charitable might term “loosely built.”  His ears were a size … Continue reading

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A bit about Madrahar

So it’s Tuesday and here’s something completely new.  While you are waiting for the third Blackfeather book, I thought we should introduce you to Madrahar, another world we made and have projects in. Madrahar was created as an original RPG … Continue reading

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Madrahar Map

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People of Madrahar

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Tiiro shrugged. “I didn’t care for fishing. I liked the port at Shiahan. There was a tea shop, and then there was the mage school. I had some money in my pocket that day, so I enrolled. It’s easier to … Continue reading

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